Radial Scrubber




The HammerHead CCR radial scrubber provides easy work of breathing and high flood tolerances.

  • Manufactured from delrin and stainless steel, this is the most durable scrubber on the market today
  • Spring loaded lid to combat channeling do to sorb settling

Please choose the correct scrubber / space combo for your can. Available in the traditional threaded locking nut, or the revolutionary bayonet style lid.

  • 9.1 lbs – 7 hour duration. For use in the full size can and NO spacer
  • 8 lbs – 6 hour duration. For use in the full size can and 36mm spacer.
  • 5.5 lbs – 4 hour duration. For use in the Mini can with NO spacer, or full size can with 91 mm spacer.
  • 4.4 lbs – 3 hour duration. For use in the Mini can with the 36mm spacer or full size can with 126 mm spacer.



WARNING: Using the incorrect scrubber / spacer combination will lead to scrubber bypass which may result in serious injury or death. If you have a “gen 1 can” (longer, and no engraved logo), then you need to call for assistance in choosing the correct combination. 

Product Attributes

Shipping Weight Lbs.
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