Adjustable Harness on Stainless Steel Backplate




With all the advantages that backplate and harness systems offer technical and recreational divers alike, there is one common problem:  loss of adjustability.  For divers who often switch from wetsuit to drysuit, share equipment with family members or even dive centers offering backplates for their rental line, this has been an issue with few solutions.  Up until now, having multiple backplates adjusted to different sizes or using easily damaged plastic buckles were the only options.  We have felt that frustration, and developed a simple and robust solution.

The SubGravity Adjustable Harness System utilizes Stainless Steel QR plates which allow for quick adjustment from diver to diver or one set if thermal exposure to another, as well as a quick release for ease donning and doffing equipment. 

The harness includes 3 D-rings, one located on each shoulder and another on the left hip to facility clipping essential equipment onto the harness.

The crotch strap is made from a softer grade webbing for added comfort and includes a front D-ring for use in conjunction with a DPV as well as an optional rear D-ring. 

As a bonus, we also include our DIR knife and sheath to cover your cutting device needs.

The SubGravity Adjustable Harness system simply and reliably solves the need for an adjustable harness option for backplate divers.

3mm or 6mm Stainless Steel Backplate with Adjustable Harness System

Comes pre strung, ready to dive.


  • 1x Adjustable Harness
  • 1x DIR Knife with sheath
  • 1x Crotch strap with integrated front D-ring + Belt Slide
  • 1x Flat D-ring
  • 3x Bent D-rings
  • 6x Belt Slides
  • 1x Stainless-steel Buckle
  • 5x EPDM bands
  • 1x Back plate cover
  • 8x screws (for backplate cover)

Product Attributes

Shipping Weight 12.78 Lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 16 x 12 x 4 in