METALSUB Cylinder Bracket




With the Metalsub cylinder Quick Release System, cylinders can quickly be attached and detached. One half of the system is permanently attached to the CCR can, the other half is attached to the cylinder. Both halves can be attached using two stainless steel clamps. Sold individually, each full kit is enough to mount one cylinder.

By pressing with the thumb of a spring loaded pin, the bottles are released. The plates are equipped with rubber strips for a better grip on the CCR can and cylinders. The metal is coated with a seawater-resistant coating.

The “short” version was originally designed to be used with our mini/ travel CCR canister and was necessary to allow the cylinders to sit slightly higher to avoid the valves from contacting before the bottom of the can. They are also a light weight version (about 20% lighter than the standard size).

Now featuring the “opposite” orientation so that both release buttons will be easily accessible from the rear of the rebreather!

Product Attributes

Shipping Weight 1.8 Lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 in

Product Manual

 Approx HeightApprox WidthApprox Weight
STD Female255 mm
10.0625 inches
70 mm
2.75 inches
290 g
10.4 oz
STD Male200 mm
7.875 inches
70 mm
2.75 inches
265 g
9.4 oz
Short Female215 mm
8.46 inches
70 mm
2.75 inches
245 g
8.6 oz
Short Male160 mm
6.3 inches
70 mm
2.75 inches
200 g
7.2 oz