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With a run time of up to 520 minutes, and a speed topping out at 280ft / min, the Discovery RS is undoubtedly a world leader.


The Discovery RS comes standard with 2 redundant LiMn battery packs. Each battery pack can be independently selected manually via the main switch, offering maximum security.  


The Discovery RS also comes equipped with our unique “emergency drive”. The emergency drive is part of a separate circuit that the driving mode maintains in the event of and electronic failure. Cave divers can especially appreciate this security.


With a total weight only 55lbs, (incl. trim and batteries) the Discovery RS is easily transportable in all terrain conditions.


 With 330 N of thrust, even the most extensive and bulky gear setups can be handled. Reach previously unexplored regions with ease, while knowing you’re riding a scooter with the highest performance and safety standards out there.


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Technical Specifications 



33 ½ Inches

850 Millimeters


11 ¾ Inches

300 Millimeters

incl. Battery + Trim


25 kg

Operating Depth

200 m

Run Time continuous full power

3.5 Hours

Run Time Cruising Speed (45m/min, 150ft/min)

8.66 Hours


12.4 Miles

20 km



330 N


280ft / min

85 m / min

Number of Batteries


Independent Selectable Batteries

Main switch

Variable speed

Temperature control


Performance Monitoring

Discharge protection

Soft Start


Emergency switch

Boost function

Charger QCS

Tow Cord

Torque Control

System Handle

Conversion to other model possible




Product Attributes

Shipping Weight 63 Lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 37 x 16 x 17 in